Nature and Science

meet your beauty

Distribution PerformArt carefully designs and selects raw materials containing several botanical extracts and essential oils in order to obtain remarkable results. Our product lines are manufactured by chemists meeting the most rigorous standards.

Our products stand out above all thanks to their high efficiency. They also comply with the standards required by Health Canada.

Permanent makeup

and pigments

Our pigments are made with high concentration powders of synthetic or natural origin and do not cause any reactions. The shades are calibrated to allow the best possible stability depending on the skin tone.

Several colors are available in order to offer the fairest possible selection depending on the face/skin regions that require the insertion of a color. Our colors are also manufactured in our Quebec laboratory. Our processes comply with required standards and rigorous hygiene.

Our quality control of PerformArt Distribution pigments aims to obtain color stability for years. The objective is to ensure that our pigments resist exfoliation of the skin, and that their color fades gradually, without having to camouflage it.



Our R-Active range of hair regrowth products have been shown to be effective in preventing and reducing hair loss.

Thanks to its innovative and high-performance active ingredients, hair renews itself more quickly and remains better anchored to the scalp.

The causes of hair loss are numerous: change of season, hormonal variations, chemotherapy, etc. The crux of the problem often lies in the weakening of the hair, or even the death of the hair bulb (hair root). Our hair kit helps stimulate the hair bulb and generate more robust hair growth. Hair renews itself more quickly and remains better anchored to the scalp. For more resistant hair, without scalp irritation and without unwanted effects!


beauty care

Distribution PerformArt offers several ranges of skin care products. Each product is made with high-quality active ingredients and are carefully selected to offer a feeling of freshness and well-being to your skin.

We offer you cabin choices for resale to your customers.


revolutionary device

Distribution PerformArt innovates with the transneedle, a needle system intended for your clients to allow them to continue care safely at home.

This technique activates the collagen process in addition to allowing products to be inserted deeper into the skin.