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Distribution PerformArt innovates with the transneedle, a needle system intended for your clients to allow them to continue care safely at home. This technique activates the collagen process in addition to allowing products to be inserted deeper into the skin.


related to hair loss

The heart of the problem often lies in the weakening of the hair, or even the death of the hair bulb (hair root). It is important to find a solution that will reactivate the hair growth process. Our hair treatment works to stimulate the hair bulb and lead to more robust hair growth. Hair renews itself more quickly and stays better anchored in the scalp.

For healthier hair, and stronger, denser hair. An easy-to-use, painless treatment to apply in the comfort of your home.

Our hair regrowth treatment includes three products

These products are entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec.

R-Active Exfoliating and Strengthening Shampoo removes impurities from the scalp, while exfoliating and strengthening the hair. Perlite and wheat protein at the base of our shampoos allow faster hair growth, prevent premature hair loss and treat degenerative diseases of the scalp.

The stimulating and nourishing hair serum R-Active is composed of an innovative complex. Its two-component formula, sodium DNA and Glutathione CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), protects and retains the active ingredients inside the molecule by encapsulation to allow you to improve the quality of your hair and stimulate new growth.

The Transneedle applicator is a bottle made up of microneedles that promote the penetration of the stimulating serum to the root of the scalp in order to reactivate and strengthen the hair growth process. An antiseptic cleaner is included in the R-Active kit to allow you to safely clean and disinfect your applicator.


From a satisfied client wishing to remain anonymous

I am a person who suffers from alopecia (hair loss).

“I’ve tried all kinds of products imaginable: shampoos, creams, Bosley powder the same color as my hair, hairline dye, etc. . I even bought an accessory worth $1,000. Still no result.

My sister-in-law discussed my problem with Mrs. Céline Bonhomme. The latter then offered me the R-ACTIVE product. Believe it or not, it exceeds all my expectations!

This is a great product easy to use.

You know, ladies and gentlemen, having no hair is annoying and even depressing. You will see for yourself the result on the photos.

Good treatment! Do not hesitate to contact Céline Bonhomme, who will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you.

What a great gift to give yourself! »

Temoignage-Avant-Apres-R-Active Temoignage-Avant-Apres-R-Active_2



At the age of 65, I have never had a problem related to hair loss. But for some time I started to lose hair. A circle behind the head was becoming more and more sparse. This problem is also called vertex baldness.

It was first my spouse who noticed it and offered to intervene quickly. After some research, I settled on the R-Active treatment. Why? Because I was immediately seduced by the Transneedle applicator.

After my extensive research, I am now convinced!

Results took longer to show up as I am a very busy man, sometimes neglecting my apps. However, I noticed a change. Motivated by this beginning of result, one of my resolutions for 2022 is to apply my treatment regularly.

Curious to see Robert’s results?

Follow the results of his treatment on our Facebook pages and Instagram. You might be surprised and motivated to start the R-Active treatment too.

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